Life to live, not to leave halfway!

In the era of technological development, all are in speed.  Plane, Train, Bus, Car, Internet and what not.  In the restaurant, we need a speedy delivery of food.  In the petrol bunk, we seek speedy service.  In the office, your boss obviously expects a speedy service from you.  People are habituated to speed with their day to day life! It is speed everywhere!

That’s fine, does this speed really good to mankind?  Is the speed the measuring unit in quality of work anymore?  Does the speed will only solve our all sort of problems of humankind?  Have we ever thought that we are heading in the right direction?  Is the speed a boon or a bane?

With the advent of speedy technological advancement, humankind has lost its footsteps towards the correct direction of life style!  We missed the bus somewhere in the last 20 years, but time is still there to catch right directions now, for that only realization and analyzation are required.  If we continue to travel in the same direction that which ultimately leads to a catastrophe stage, no doubt we will have the credit of destroying our future generation with our own hands.  Are we prepared for that?

On the other hand, we need to think of corrective action to maintain the speed as well as a befitting life.  We need a better life for us and for our future generation.  We need a better life model for our future followers.  All we have to do now is, just think of present scenario, realize the faulty areas, analyze the solution and rejuvenate the life for better.

In the speedy world today, we have money to spend for our needs; we don’t have time to spend with family.  We have time to dedicate for our official work; we don’t have time to dedicate to our family expectations.  We have earned enough money, even more than enough, but all that for what purpose?  We have earned money at the cost of our health; havn’t we?  How much of wealth can regain your lost health?

Pay money, get the work done, is rapidly trending now. If money alone can complete all our needs every place, feeling and emotions of humankind have no value thereafter. Technological development should complement the human lifestyle; on the contrary, it derails from the track. We need a medicine to resolve our health problems, not to enhance it further, don’t you think?

Once we used to go to the Bank and Post Offices for services. We used to interact with the staff there and a cordial relationship was maintained always. Off the work, we maintained the relationship with the staff, there was no materialistic relationship at all.  There was no any mere money oriented service then. The scene has changed now. We don’t know even the name of the persons in the Bank.  We visited the Bank on the first few days during opening the account, that’s it!  Now, you don’t need to go Bank only to open an account but do it online straight away.  Neither Bank knows you personally, nor you know the staff…. What a relationship!

The other day, I went to my Bank for some password unlocking of my account which was by mistake locked.  As one of the staff (she recognizes me well and speaks nicely whenever I go there) was slightly busy in a temporary work which made me to sit some time.  During this period, I happened to hear the conversation between one account holder and the other bank staff.  The account holder was seeking some info and the staff was not able to satisfy him with the info and finally the staff had thrown a terrible question to the account holder, ‘do you have an account here?’  By now, the account holder lost his temper.  Later the Manager intervened and resolved it amicably.

This scene instigated a point in me.  Although it is very much possible to find out with the account number from which bank, he belongs to, but the scene could have been averted to worse, had the staff-customer relationship was maintained personally.  Poor customer who maintained an account in the Branch for years and he was not recognized by the Branch staff.  Sometimes the human relationships beyond the family, help a lot and maintains a smooth pathway between the customer and vendor, don’t you agree?

We make things work speedy, but personal life gets slower, since we could not maintain the same rapport in personal life. Speed is good, but not the best. I saw young chaps who work in the Pizza Centers, put their life at risk, only to deliver the Pizzas at the right time. They take very dangerous cuts on the road while ride their bikes. What made me feel bad is when I asked one of these guys as to why they take such risk in their life to deliver the Pizza, I got an instant reply from him that if they could not deliver it on time, then the Pizza is free for customers.  I asked him, ‘so what?  why do you worry about this, do you lose the job by this anyway?’  He laughed and said, ‘no sir, I won’t lose the job, but the cost of the Pizza, I am delivering late, will be deducted from my salary’.  I was shocked by hearing this. Mere for few hundred rupees these guys are putting their life at risk. The management does not care about this. How sad! This is what the speed gives us! Money is lost, nothing lost…. You can always gain it again. Life is lost, you lost everything.

In an another heartbroken incident, a girl who was working in a multinational IT company, committed suicide just because she could not deliver the project on time and stress from management forced her to do so. She could not complete the project quickly and the mental agony that she had at that time drove her for such an extreme step. Managements seek speedy performance, lest one will face the speedy exit. It does not show even any micro development of humankind nor a decent relationship between employees and management.

Such cases are very common now-a-days.  The time limitation is good and necessary to complete the work and it should not complete the life of the person who deals.  A warning or an increment cut or a transfer to other departments would suffice if the work is not done on time.  Managements which are stressing the staff repeatedly to complete it on time would ultimately lead to such life taking incidents only.  The Time bound jobs must be planned thoroughly an alternate way, if the job is not done on time, well before the commencement of the job, rather than giving mental agony to the staff by the means of stress. Providing such jobs, the managements should think of this.  After all, life is precious than the job that is dealt, doesn’t it?

Everyone’s life goal should not be mere money making, but also life striving for better going. Speed might fulfill something, but not all. Speed required, but not speed alone required. Without speed a pot maker cannot make a wonderful pot.  With speed a sculptor cannot make a statue!  Having food in speed does not get digested correctly and leads to physical complications. Speed is a part of life, not just life.

We, the present generation, should take this responsibility to make it understand to the next generation as to how speed bound things to be handled.  Works may be speedy not our lives so speedy to leave this world.  Think of life, think of living.


Author: Balaji Canchi Sistla

On 29-4-2016 @ 1 pm, Hyderabad


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