About Me

Hi there!

I am Balaji Canchi Sistla, Telugu, origin of Hyderabad but was born and brought-up in Chennai and I am at Hyderabad since 1988. I am a freelance translator and maker of corporate and documentary films and voice-over. I Also do web designing.

Having a desire of improving present human lifestyle, character building and create best next generation. It is obvious that you cannot have mango fruit tomorrow after you sow a seed today. You need to patiently wait some period for this. This is exactly what I am thinking about present generation’s character building. Cultivate this generation with good habits and characters by the way of imbibing knowledge of real history, historical moments, teamwork, helping others, our granny stories and so on…. and they will become a wonderful fruit tomorrow.

For this, I have been adding the best articles available within my purview and sharing to all my good circles. Hoping that they enjoy and enhance the same in their life so as to encourage their kids to ‘future best generation’. Every human has to do something good to this World once one takes birth here. It is everyone’s social responsibility and this is my way of ‘payback’ to this society.

I know that I can’t reach more people with this, but believing that people in my circle would do the rest of the process.

Lokaha Samastaha Sukino Bhavanthu (May the whole world be happy)

Sarve jana Sukhino Bhavanthu (May all the people be happy)

Sarva jeeva janthu sukhino bhavanthu (May all forms of life be happy)

Regards to all souls!

Balaji Sharma Canchi Sistla

One can reach me via e-mail: balaji690@yahoo.co.in / balaji690@gmail.com


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  1. akathosh-shinichi[真一]

    the page is awesome but everyone need in money and growing selfishness changes the face of world thanks for the page like this…>


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